Rock N Bowl
Rock N Bowl
Rock N Bowl

Rock N Bowl

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You can afford your dog's Rock N Bowl lifestyle!

Dogs (and other animals, including humans!) prefer to work for their food. This concept is called "contra-freeloading". This is where the PAW 5 Rock N Bowl comes in. Working for food is a natural dog behavior and also serves to slow down the eating process.

Pour food directly into the top and the food runs through a hidden compartment, and your dog has to paw, nudge, and play her way through mealtime. This bowl holds up to 4 cups of food. Like most feeding toys, this is not a chew toy and your dog should not be left unattended with the Rock N Bowl. Pick it up and put it away when your dog is finished eating to prevent chewing and to maintain novelty and your dog's interest. The PAW 5 Rock N Bowl is suitable for dogs of all sizes. 

Why we love it:

  • Made in the USA (in Albany, New York, to be exact)
  • Dishwasher Safe (top rack recommended)
  • Food Safe Plastic
  • Great quality at a great price

PAW 5 products are sustainably sourced and handmade by PAW 5 global community partners in the USA and Ghana. 

“Some companies are unsustainable, others aren’t necessarily bad for their community and environment but don’t contribute much beyond that, and then there are those select few companies that add more to their world than they take from it. We call these businesses ‘sustainable’ or ‘triple bottom line.’ We knew right away we wanted PAW5 to be part of that conscientious third group.”