We know you

You are one of us.

Your dog is family. 

Your dog goes on vacation with you.


Your dog eats as well as you do.


You work hard to keep your dog satisfied.


You also care about the planet and the environment.

You love sustainably made items and items made from recycled materials.


You are always on the lookout for things that reflect your values and your personality.

You support small businesses.


You’re concerned about the quality and safety of the toys you give your dog. 

You want nice quality, unique items that reflect your personality and the love you have for your dog - maybe it’s handmade or has a lifetime guarantee. 


Eddie & Company brings it all together in one place for pet parents like you.

We search exhaustively for products that meet our values, try them out, and we only sell them if they pass the test.


As a result, you will find gifts in our shop that will not only surprise and delight you and your dog in their beauty, quality, and uniqueness, but also fall under several values-driven categories such as products made in the USA, many with lifetime guarantees, handmade items, as well as eco-friendly, sustainably made products, and products made by women-owned companies, and more.


Eddie & Co. is named after Eddie, a sweet, senior rescue pitbull mix adopted from Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission. Unfortunately, we lost Eddie late in 2021, but he tested many of our products before his passing, and his friends still test all of our gifts and give their stamp of approval to any new items before they make it into our store.