Yakety Yak! Don't talk back! - Himalayan Yak Cheese Chews - Two large sizes
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Yakety Yak! Don't talk back! - Himalayan Yak Cheese Chews - Two large sizes

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A yak is a large domesticated ox with shaggy hair, humped shoulders, and large horns, found throughout the Himalayan region used as a pack animal and for its milk, meat, and hide.

And it turns out their milk can be made into delicious chews dogs love!

Eddie & Company offers these large chews in two sizes - 2.5-3.5 oz or 3.6 oz & up.

What we love about them:

  • Made from all natural ingredients
  • Safe, edible chew
  • Traditional, artisan, hand crafted product from Nepal

Did you know? Yak physiology is well adapted to high altitudes, having larger lungs and heart than cattle found at lower altitudes, as well as greater capacity for transporting oxygen through their blood. Yaks actually have trouble thriving at lower altitudes, and are prone to suffering from heat exhaustion in temperatures above 59 °F! 

These natural chews are handcrafted from an ancient Himalayan recipe from the mountains of Nepal. Each Himalayan yak chew is expertly hand crafted by artisans using four real food ingredients and ancient techniques passed down through families for hundreds of years.

These have been well tolerated by all the dogs we have tested them on. They contain only a very small amount of lactose and are therefore, highly digestible. When trying a new chew or treat with your dog, supervise them carefully to be sure it does not cause any digestive distress and to be sure they do not swallow any pieces that are too big.

When your dog has chewed the cheese stick down to a small piece that could become a choking hazard for them, take the chew away. You can then soak the remaining nub in water for 5-20 minutes and then take it out of the water and microwave it for 30 seconds to 2 minutes (we recommend watching closely, cooking it for 15-30 seconds at a time) and turn it into a puffy treat!

Depending on the size and chewing habits of your dog, these Yak milk dog chews can occupy your dog for a long time.

Ingredients: yak milk, cows milk, lime juice and a pinch of salt

As with all chews, supervision is advised while your dog is chewing and small pieces should be taken away to prevent choking.